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On this page we will explain our firm's mission, focus, or a little about our history.

About us

The founders pleading -Corte Federal y de Casación
Mariano Adrián La Rosa (pleading), Mariano Adrián Castro y Mariano Adrián Bujanda (1954)

Our history  
(and why we are so proud of it).

The ADRIAN & ADRIAN law firm preserves a four generation law tradition in Venezuela aiming at rendering the best legal services in town.

This tradition has been followed from father to son for more than one hundred and twenty years.

   The tradition began in 1882 with LORENZO ADRIAN ARREAZA.
   Continued in 1925 with MARIANO ADRIAN CASTRO
   Followed in 1946 with MARIANO ADRIAN LA ROSA
   In 1962 with MARIANO ADRIAN BUJANDA and

The current General Director for the firm is TAMARA ADRIAN HERNANDEZ.

We are so proud of who we are, because we know from where we come and where we go.

    The firm nowadays
(and we still so proud of it)

Nowadays ADRIAN & ADRIAN is a very solid and well established law-firm in which a team of fully bilingual or trilingual top lawyers specialized in the most important legal fields, is prepared to give to every single client the best available legal services at very competitive rates.

Our team is fully capable to rend you the very best legal services in the following fields:

   International and local commercial law
   Companies law and creation of branches and subsidiaries
   Securities law and financing
   Antitrust and free competition law
   Banking and financing law
   Insurance's law
   Torts law
   Commercial and civil contracts law
   Tax law
   Administrative law
   Labor law
   Registration of products with local authorities
   Foods regulations
   Protection consumers law
   Alcoholic beverage regulations
   Construction law
   Environmental law

(and why you will be proud of it)

For ADRIAN & ADRIAN there are no small or big clients. Every client, and every case, will be treated as the MOST IMPORTANT CLIENT WITH THE MOST IMPORTANT CASE in the firm.

It is our philosophy that every client deserves the same attention, no matter how big the case may be.

And that's why confidentiality, total devotion, personal and direct attention of every case is our goal.

Our Firm's Mission

The mission of our firm is to provide our clients with the highest level of personal and professional service for their legal needs. Please contact us to discuss any specific situation to see how we may be able to assist in reaching a resolution.

Edificio Cavendes. Piso 5. Ofic. 502
Ave. Francisco de Miranda. Los Palos Grandes
Telf. (58)(212) 286-1605 / 286-7605
Fax: (58)(212) 286-2604